Anyone use Asana to Coordinate Team Schedule?

I’m working with a team to get their work off of Google sheets and onto Asana. One of their big hurdles is coordinating their team’s schedules in order to fulfill a production schedule.

Gotten as far as creating a board with Calendar view default, but need help figuring out how to set this board up for success (or maybe this just can’t be done in Asana). I’ve racked my brain, but can’t get their current set up out of my head to manipulate the pieces.

Enter Asana Community Forum!!! No pressure. :wink:


  • Filming should happen every Monday
  • Need a space for Team availability (i.e. Sally is not available on X date)
  • Space for Production Dailies (This will live in the task description, most likely)
  • People and scenes to film are all fluid and can (and will) shift from week to week

What views, custom fields, sections should I consider to set this board up?

Hey @Ferly,

regarding the availability you might wanna have one project where the team blocks off dates. You can always multihome tasks in case you need to see them in another project also.

The workload might in come handy as well for you: Asana Workload - Manage Team Capacity and Rebalance Work • Asana and reporting and dashboards.

Now in terms of ideal set up this will surely require some amending on the go once you figure out exactly how things work well and where are flaws to be fixed.

You might wanna use sections/columns as stages to move each filming project across.
And you can set up various custom fields depending on what you would like to filter or for what you want to set up.

Let‘s say for example first a specific person needs to come up with an idea for the next filming, then once she is done she would select the relevant custom fields such as „Input from Person A required“ with options „Yes“ and „No“ and depending on what is selected a rule can then trigger various actions.
Or if special requisites are required you could have a field also so once the team member completes his/her task and has all prepared the subtask assigned to this person can be marked complete this person selects „yes“ in the field which then triggers another rule.

Not sure my ideas might sound a bit confusing, it is just difficult to help you prepare your ideal set-up with only basic insight into how all should work.

Here is one template not sure if that fits your purpose: Video Production Calendar in Asana | Product guide • Asana

You can find a lot more templates on Templana.

In general I‘d like to say don‘t stress yourself, you habe to start somewhere and then improve along the way :smiley:
It is all a process but I am sure all will turn out nicely :smiley:

P.s. one important thing in the start for your team will definitely be to teach them the basics (Asana offers great guides) and especially show them the advantages of using Asana vs spreadsheets.
Because then I am sure one or the other team member will also start approaching you with some nice ideas.


Thank you so much, this is all super helpful!

I agree that it’s an ongoing work in progress. It helped me to process the whole thing by asking here on the forum and then just playing around in the board itself.

With the help of your links, I think I have enough to run with. Thanks again! :wave: :smiley:


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