Anyone has built a template to track quality related corrective actions?

Hello Lovely People!
Has anyone built a project template to track quality related corrective actions. These are often used in quality management systems. I think Asana can be very useful as they usually have project character. I am looking for some inspiration before I dive in.

Hi @Alexander_Daskalow, thanks for the question. Yes, Asana can definitely work to track quality related corrective actions you often find in a QMS (Quality Mgt System). See the attached screenshot for an example which I use with my team. Another helpful option we also do is to incorporate Asana Forms ( into the initial submission by staff around the incident. This helps to quickly capture the relevant details around the incident prior to further investigation and follow-up. Asana is also great to track Open actions and Closure around each incident. It would be nice to see what you come up with! Hope this helps!


Dear Bernie, thank you for sharing. I very much appreciate it!!!