Any way to replace multiple blank fields in a column with a "Blank" category?


  • I have a Project opened where my teammates post tasks as RAID logs that we found from the coding of a new app we are creating. Each task represents a Log, and we implemented different categories in order for this task to be accounted by its respective assignee. We also have this tasks divided into Stream categories. In every Stream category there are a group of assignees that work together.


  • Some of these tasks ARE NOT filled with its stream category, and I would like to report this issue in our next meeting. My aim was to show a graph where these blank spaces could be shown so that people can see the magnitude of the situation and start assigning their respective groups to each task that it is accounted by them.


  • I thought of creating a new category in the Streams columns called “Blank”, and assign it to every task that i see literally blank, this way we could see it in the graph. However, there are like 1000 tasks already created so it would be a waste of time.

Can you please guys help me on this?
Thank you so much in advance :blush:


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You can do an advanced search putting in the project name and then add filter - the custom field- with no value?

Yes, but the column I created with the multicheck options (A,B,C,D…) doesn’t appear in Custom Fields.

True, it will only show the custom fields when you click into them

Any way to include blank fields in a graph?

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Hi @MARC_TEIXIDO , good question.

I was going to suggest that the best way to visualise this using charts in a dashboard is to create two donut charts, side-by side. One chart could simply show you the incomplete/complete task status but the number in the center of the donut would show the total number of tasks. Then compared to the other chart which would show the number of custom fields that have been selected, you would find the difference in the total number of tasks, eg as per below, the conclusion is that (5-3)=2 tasks have blank values for the ‘Mult field test’ field.

BUT… this would only work for a single-select field. :confused:

Since you are using a multi-select field, this would not work, because the total number in the center of the donut (on the right) would reflect the total number of selections of the multi-select field and thus not provide the actual number of fields that have been filled out (i.e. not blank).

What you are requesting is for Asana to add an additional filter when using the multi-select field as per below, which is to add ‘Is NOT any of these’ or have the option to select ‘Blank’ apart from the options.

You have my vote!

Btw, your ‘failed solution’ may seem a waste of time now but it is actually a reasonable option. If you create a rule that will set your field to ‘Blank’ for every new task that is added to the project - then it is viable. And if you rename the option from ‘Blank’ to ‘Select an option’ then it may prompt your users to do so! :sweat_smile:


Thank you Richard for your reply! Now that was smart.

I’ll stick to this solution meanwhile, but I hope someday Asana can include “Blank” fields as a real category represented in graphs.

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