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All the tasks in my project are one of two types: “bug” or “feature”. I want to filter out all tasks in which the type of task is empty. How i can do it?

Hi @Sergej_Mordvin :wave:t3:

Are you using custom fields to label your tasks “bugs” or “feature”? If so, you can easily filter your project following using the project filter feature. See screenshots below:

Hope this helps, but let me know if you have any follow-up questions!

Hi, Marie!
But if i do like this I want to see empty board (i filled tags everywhere)

Thanks for the quick reply @Sergej_Mordvin!

Custom Fields and tags are two different things :slight_smile: Can you confirm which one you’re using?

Custom Fields

Oh, that is strange then! Any chance your tasks are marked complete and you have a filter to only show incomplete tasks?

no, If i choose “-” in a filter, the filter is completely removed, but not set on an empty field

Sorry for my English

Hi @Sergej_Mordvin, and thanks for the follow-up!

No worries at all, I’m just a little struggling to understand what doesn’t work.

Also, I see all your Asana is in Russian, which is a language we don’t support. Are you using a tool to translate Asana? Just wondering if this could also be causing an issue?

Hi @Sergej_Mordvin! I see what you mean, it’s currently not possible to filter by tasks with “-” empty field within a project. You can filter by tasks that include one of the drop-down options in your custom field.

I’d recommend you creating an advance search report with the following parameters:

You can add your custom field clicking “+ Add filter” and then change “is” for “With no value”.

I hope this helps!


Hi! Emily You are right, thanks!

Is there any chance that this will be fixed in the future?

Hi @Sergej_Mordvin! Of course, this is something we can try to implement in the future. I’ve gone ahead and sent your feedback to our team in charge of the Voice of the Customer Program :raised_hands: Thanks again for your feedback!


Thank you, Emily!

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