Any way to map a People Field to a Custom Form & Rule Automation in Workflows?

Anybody figure out a way of mapping a People Field to a Custom Form & then setting a rule automation to be triggered dependent on the user that gets selected (ie. People Field called “Approver” / Auto assignment of an approval task based on user that gets selected)


Hi @Kevin_K , does it need to be a People type field?
You could create a Single-select field called ‘Approver’ with the names of all the people you need, as options. Then you can use that as the options in the form’s question as well as set up rules for each person selected.

Ideally it would be a People field so it won’t require any manual maintenance & can include new approvers as users are created in the platform. Otherwise I would go with the work around custom field option as you laid out, but was hoping not to have to have anyone maintain the field. :slight_smile:

Indeed it requires some maintenance, but until the People field is supported in forms, this is the best workaround that I know of.

On the plus side, it allows you to narrow down the list of people (in the form’s question) to only the ones who are ‘Approvers’ in your case.

Thanks Richard!

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Another small side benefit: it prevents people from selecting multiple people, which the People field allows.


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