Any plans for MS OneDrive Integration? ETA?


Starting to migrate to OneDrive. Any plans to add this as an attachment integration?

Attaching Microsoft Group OneDrive Files

@Michael_B An Asana-OneDrive integration currently exists via Zapier. Is this what you’re looking for?


No. I’m talking about adding OneDrive as an option under the paperclip/attachment tool. Same as Dropbox, Box, that’s built now.


@Michael_B We’re seeing increasing requests from customers about adding OneDrive as an option under the paperclip/attachment tool. I’m unable to speak to a specific timeline for this type of integration, but I’ve forwarded your feedback to the teams making the integration decision. Thanks for bringing this up!


Great. Hope to see it soon. Thanks!


@Alexis would be great if that was inside the app like dropbox, or google drive, and now once you are integrated with Microsoft Teams i am sure that would help a lot of others clients


I just chose Asana after a lot of research. I didn’t include onedrive as a differentiation point in my decision making process, because as a huge service, part of Office 365 etc., I took it for granted it’d be there.
First day, first big disappointment. All my files are hosted there and now I’m not sure I can concentrate my projects here as I thought I would!


I believe Microsoft tends to be pretty protective of their products and integrations from what I’ve seen in the SaaS world. It’s not entirely surprising that it’s still a WIP to me.

Sorry for the surprise though =(


Yes, it was a surprise. I don’t think it is MSFT, though! Trello has it at its core.

And it does attach the link not the file which is the right way to do that! I am still inclined for Asana but that thing can compromise my current stuff!


I have my fingers crossed that Asana adds this soon. I don’t think it’s waiting on Microsoft.


Yes please! My org uses office365 unofficially and it’s likely we will move completely to office365 at some point, so an integration to Onedrive would be great! I actually assumed this would available too as Google drive and Box are.


I’ve actually seen that they implemented this, @Vai_Cheung! I don’t use it so can’t talk about it, but I noticed it appearing in dropdowns.

I guess I could be in an a/b test/beta, but yeah! =)


We haven’t see OneDrive appear yet in our Asana.


Looks like it must still be in select roll-out mode. Great that it is coming though.


I’m excited to officially announce that an Asana integration with OneDrive is now available!

The Microsoft OneDrive file chooser is built into the Asana task pane, so you can easily attach files from Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and more.

Connect Microsoft OneDrive with Asana

  • This integration is already built into Asana, but you need to sign up for or into your Microsoft account first.
  • Link a file to a task by clicking the Attachments (paper clip) icon at the top of task pane.
  • Select “Attach From OneDrive”
  • Select a file from your files stored in OneDrive
  • Attached OneDrive files will appear along with other files beneath the description in the task pane.


Great to see how well the Asana engineering team listened to the community feedback, and nice work @Alexis in managing that process of sending customer feedback!


Very cool and thanks for listening!



My Team and I had plans to start using Onedrive for file sharing and upload in Asana - unfortunately we can only upload personal files and not Shared Files. Any idea why this is not possible and is there a plan to fix this?


Full OneDrive Folder View vs the prior Asana File view


According to Asana, there’s still additional work that needs to be done by both Microsoft and Asana to give access to shared folders and files. My team is definitely hoping this will happen sooner than later, since the OneDrive integration is not useful for us until it works the same way as Google Drive.