Animation when marking an epic as complete

I just made my entire team watch my shared screen as I marked an epic as complete, so we could all celebrate with the unicorn that flies across the screen…and it didn’t happen. Please have an animation with every epic marked complete. It will make our weekly meetings so much more fun.

Hi @Emma_Tucker , welcome to the forum :smiley:

Not sure what you mean by ‘an epic’ (a milestone?) but perhaps by tuning up your My Settings may help crank up the volume of narwals flying across your screen :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The biggest celebration I have found so far is when a project’s status is set to complete :partying_face:

and definitely this one:

Thank you! By Epics, I mean tasks. We don’t have a proper product mgmt tool, so I use Asana for our roadmap. Therefore each “task” is actually an epic or feature that we deliver. When I update those settings, will it only apply to my profile? Or will it apply to all users in boards that I manage?

Hi @Emma_Tucker , these settings only apply to your account.