Android app has bug when editing description with numbered list


I just tried to edit a numbered list in the description field of a task within the Android app. The cursor goes off to the left of the indented text (it is indented because of the numbered list) and when I try to type or delete, the cursor is not in the same place as the text I’m adding or deleting. In sum, the cursor is bugging out and I can’t edit the text. Just found this bug today. Otherwise Android app is flawless. I have the most recent Android update running on a Moto E 2nd generation.


Thanks for letting us know! I’ve forwarded this to our team.


Cool thanks Alexis. I forgot to mention that the same problem occurs with bulleted lists too. Thanks again.


Hey @David_Bisson, just checking in, are you still experiencing this issue? If so, could you confirm what version of Android you’re using?