Task Title in Task List sometimes not updated initially (Android Beta)


Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing:
Old (not updated) task title shown in Task List sometimes. This started maybe a week ago or less, and I have noticed it at least three times.

Steps to reproduce:
Android: Pull down tasks to refresh tasks list
Old (not updated) task title still appears
Tap it to see detail; in detail display new (updated) task title does appear
Close and return to tasks list and now task title has been updated

Browser version:
Android Chrome current
I believe I have seen this in Windows desktop Chrome current too but not 100% sure

Upload screenshots below:


Hi Larry and thanks for flagging this!

Quick question, have you edited the task title via the Android app? If so, it could just be an issue with the cache of the app, and that would explain why changes haven’t applied in both Android and Internet Explorer.

Either way, if this happens again, could you take some screenshots to help us investigate?

Many thanks for your help!


@Marie, Thanks for mentioning using desktop (Chrome) and Android (Chrome) together that could be causing this problem, though 1) I believe I edited the title on the desktop (earlier), and 2) I’ve been doing this for a long time and never ran into this until the last few days.

I don’t have a screenshot but saw again today and it’s exactly the scenario in Steps to Reproduce above: After I refresh on Android, the old title is there, though it doesn’t match what the desktop shows. Right there it’s a problem–the refresh should have updated the title. And when on Android I just click into the task title to see the task detail, it is the updated version, which then upon closing the task detail now has properly updated the tasks list version of the task title.

I think this is a recent bug that never was there before.


Thanks for the additional information @lpb, really appreciate it!

Before escalating this further, could you please try to reinstall your Android application and check if you can reproduce?

I’m so sorry to insist, but If possible, when the issue re-surface, can you please take a screenshot? If you could also tell us on which specific task it happened, it will be very useful to help us reproduce. These information are crucial for us to investigate since we can’t seem to be able to reproduce on our end.

As always, many thanks for your help!


Hi @Marie,

First, I’d forgotten to mention (but now updated this thread’s title): I’m using the Asana Android (Beta) app.

I did uninstall/reinstall the app, and no change.

Here are screenshots showing the workflow, in order:

Started by adding nine new tasks on Desktop:

On Android after refresh all is well:

On Desktop I modify the task title from test 1 to test 1x:

On Android after refresh, no change–this is the bug I’m reporting:

On Desktop I drag and drop to reorder first two tasks:

On Android after refresh, reordering is reflected (but still test 1 shows, not test 1x):

On Android I click on task test 1 and the task detail view has been updated to test 1x. To be clear, I clicked on “test 1” and then see the detail “test 1x”:

On Android I click on “X” to dismiss task detail and then see the list view has been updated to test 1x finally:

Before entering the task detail two steps above, I also confirmed that if I quit the app on Android and re-enter, the task list correctly has been updated to the same as the final image above.

I’m quite sure it didn’t used to be this way a week or so ago.

Hope that helps! Thanks,



Thank you so much for the detailed report and additional information Larry; it definitely looks like something is not working there. I’ve filed a bug with our Mobile team, and I’ll be in touch as soon as I have an update from them!


One last thing, could you please tell me the version of your Android App and OS? Many thanks!


Thanks Marie!

Asana 6.16.1
Android 8.0.0


Lovely, thank you for the quick reply!


Quick update: our team was able to reproduce the issue; I’m moving this thread to #bugs:current-bugs and will keep you posted as soon as I have an update! Thank you so much for the report!


Hi @lpb, this should be fixed in the next release! Thanks for your patience and help!