Task titles are missing on browser tabs

Not sure if this is a bug. The task titles are not displayed anymore on the browser tabs.

It was a useful feature to quickly jump to a specific task, now I have to look threw a bunch of them the find the one.

I’m using Chrome version 79 on Chrome OS.

Hi @RazmikBadalyan and thank you for reporting this issue!

I was able to find an existing Task filed for this Bug so I have added your report to task.I’ll make sure to keep you posted as soon as I have an update from the Team.

Thank you again!

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Hi @RazmikBadalyan :wave:t5:

I just got a confirmation that this issue has now been resolved! :slight_smile:
I’m marking this Bug as resolved but please let me know if you are still running into this issue!

Thank you for reporting it! Have a great Thursday!

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Great! I see the titles now. Thank you :pray:

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