Allowing subtasks assignees to see parent task description?

Hello everyone,

I am an operations manager for a video production company, and I’m trying to get our workflow in order. I just came on recently and want to clean things up for scaling.

That said, Asana seems to have a weird quirk where subtask assignees cannot see the description of the parent task, which is what contains all the info for each of the subtasks (location of files, preproduction document, etc).

I’ve found only two ways to rectify this:

  1. Copy and paste the parent description into each of the subtasks. This is fine in a vacuum, but as we scale will be a frustrating time sink.
  2. Use the Assign To Multiple People function on the parent task. This clones the entire task up to 10 times depending on assigneees, and clogs up our workflow visuals. It also means that if there’s a change to the parent task, I have to manually change each cloned task.

Solutions to this? I’m sure there’s something I’m missing, very much in the early stages here.

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@Danny_Vagnoni - welcome to the forum! Could you give some context for how you have stuff set up? Are these internal users or guests? What are the permission levels you have set on your projects.

Would adding subtask assignees as collaborators on the parent task be sufficient?

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Hello @Danny_Vagnoni

Welcome to the forum.

It would be good to get some more insights from you. Usually subtasks assignee can see the parent task description by clicking on the name of the parent task which is in grey above the subtask name.

Unless your set up is super restrictive in terms of subtasks are part of a separate project to the parent task which is part of a private project, then this is normal behaviour.

But as Stephen said, if yuo can provide some more colour onto how you are setting the workflow up, we could help. This should be an easy win as it is one of the benefits of collaboration and clarity in asana.