Ability to Merge Tasks to Parent Task

Hi, I manage a lot of clients using Asana and things pop up all the time that can be effectively done at the same time as another task, so I am looking for the ability to merge tasks to automatically create subtasks.

EXAMPLE: making a task to follow up with a client about “x” but then someone on another team also assigns a task to me saying they need “y” and “z” info, so now I wish I could merge both task so I remember to just send one email to the client to follow up on everything I need at once.

SOLUTION! Rather than copy and pasting all the details of the task to create a subtask to a parent task, I would LOVE if there was a way to drag, hover, and merge a task to another task so that it would automatically become a subtask to the parent task I am dragging it to.

Additional Situational Benefits:
-There are situations where I am working on repetitive tasks and while I am refining the workflow to make a template I realize that another task should actually be a subtask because it needs to be done at the same time but I have to be sure to carefully copy all the details to a new subtask which can lead to errors.

-This would also make it a million times easier to just be able to create tasks mindlessly while taking notes during a meeting then be able to go back and just drag and merge tasks that need to become subtasks. (Feels rude to be talking to a client and have to be like, “wait hold on, let me organize my tasks!”)

-It would also be incredible if this feature worked across projects so that I could easily use my email extension to make a private task with the email info, but then be able to copy the task, delete the sensitive info, and then be able to add that same task as a subtask in another project.

I really really really would love this feature, thanks!

Hi @Stacey_Ramirez, welcome to the Asana Community Forum! You can currently mark tasks as subtasks of another task. You can drag and drop the task to the subtask section or you can use the feature Make as

I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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