Can I move pre-exsisting tasks into a newly created parent task, making them into sub-tasks?

I have several tasks that were created through the Asana form by our marketing team, now I would like to group them together in to a parent task for our creative team, thereby making them sub-tasks to the newly create parent. Any help would be appreciated.

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In the Task Detail (right pane) of the task, use the overflow menu > Advanced actions > Make subtask of and specify the parent task and that will create the relationship.

Also, if you’re looking at both tasks in List view, you can select the parent task so it appears in the right-side Task Detail and then, without deselecting the parent, drag the to-be-child task from left to right into the subtasks area of the parent task.



Amazing thanks so much, kept asking our traffic team to do this and they were telling me it wasn’t possible without making new tasks thereby breaking the original task links sent out when the original tasks were created.


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