Allowing multiple people permission to edit locked custom field settings.

I have several custom fields that I have set up for my department that we use across multiple different plans. These custom fields are housed within our company’s library. In order to prevent someone from deleting the field and breaking all of our plans, I have the field settings locked. I, however, need other people on my team to be able to have the permission to change the settings based on our departments needs and don’t want to be the only one who can make simple changes. Does the Asana team plan to add the option to designate multiple people permission to change a custom field setting?

Hello Michael,
I believe that for someone in your company be able to edit a Custom Field you created, or if you need to edit one that someone else created, you need to be an Admin in the system.

Guests cannot do it.
Members can create fields but I think they cannot edit the ones another member created.

Asana’s Pre-populated fields cannot be edited at all.

Am I right @Emily_Roman @Bastien_Siebman

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Correct, but what I am wanting is a feature to allow the original creator to designate other members the privilege to be able to edit as well. Right now I believe only the original creator, if they lock the field from being edited, is the only one that can make changes. When you are on a team of people though who generally access and control a lot of the same plans, they may want to make a small change or addition to a field but can’t and have to go ask the original creator to make it.

Simply, I want to be able to prevent a custom field that I create from being edited by just anyone in the organization who has access to the field library, but still allow one or two people who essentially “share” ownership of a custom field, editing privilege’s.


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