Lock the ability to change a custom field (except for Project Admins)

I saw a number of posts related to locking custom fields, but it seemed that these were related to editing the custom field properties, as opposed to locking the ability to change a selection.

I have a number of custom fields that automatically update throughout the task’s progress through our pipeline. For the purposes of our users, these are effectively “read-only”, though that does not prevent users from manually changing values. Having the ability to lock specific custom fields from being changed by anyone other than Project Admins would be incredibly helpful in preventing unwanted actions in our pipeline.

The problem in our case is that there are some Rules in place that trigger on the change of custom field values, typically triggered by previous rule. So tasks end up in all sorts when custom fields are manually changed, and triggered by rules it wasn’t intended to be triggered by.

I shared your feedback with the PM working on custom field privacy/editability.

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We have a custom field with multiple options.
I want to allow guest users or team members to change some of the values but not all.
For example, we have Status: Planned, Assigned, In Progress, Completed, In Review, Blocked, Done

Team members should be able to choose Assigned, In Progress or Blocked, but not the others.

I am trying to create a rule that checks if the status is in either In Review or Done, and change it back to completed, when the person changing it is not in a specific project management team, or at least, if the task was not created by them.

Let’s say I create a task to a guest user.
I or someone in my team, should be the only one capable of marking it to In Review or Done.

Currently, I see no rules for that.

At least the “Created by” field, was expected in the rules.