Allow to have multiple forms attached to the same project

This is a feature that Wrike has and I’d think this is something Asana provides but does not. Can this be prioritized as part of your sprint cycle as a top priority??

I added a form for internal input at the beginning of the project and then needed to add a form for customer feedback at the end. What? This is not possible? Common, this is important. Please add multiple forms per project.

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More work really needs to be done to update this given the amount of people who are clearly looking for forms to help automate projects.

  1. Being able to use one form as a template and drop it onto multiple projects is critical
  2. Putting multiple forms into a single project is also a basic but critical functionality

The very least this should be clearly shown on a product roadmap…


I agree. Nearly 500 upvotes is clear demand. Is this an ‘Apple’ thing whereby Asana is just ignoring consumer requests?

Hi @Getz_Pro - We’re aware this is a popular request in the forum and as community managers, this is something we regularly highlight to our Product team. Product updates are based on many criteria including feedback we receive from all customer channels (not just the forum) and other business needs/priorities. While this is not something we’re currently working on, it doesn’t mean we’re ignoring or that we will never implement it, it just means we weren’t able to prioritise it just yet. More info on how feedback from our community feeds and inform our roadmap can be found here → **Read me first** How you can give feedback and what we do next

This is so huge I have literally EVERY customer ask me about it so I don’t think this is just a forum thing. One would think that at the very least a blip on a roadmap might be hinted at.


Another feature that deserves a bit of TLC … It is really important to be able to host several forms as there is a need to gather information at different stages of the project.


I wholeheartedly agree!

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C`mon Asana, it has been 2 years now, and many requests has been up voted for this.

This doesn’t seem like a difficult feature to implement.
I wonder if you take your community on this forum serious.


Agree with a majority of the comments on this thread. This would be amazing. Is there an update on this? Is it on the roadmap? If so when might we expect this to be implemented? Thanks!