Allow to have different columns in a same project depending on which view (Board or List) you're looking at

It actually already is possible in Asana to have different structures/groupings in List and Board view. Until/if Asana implements a stronger decoupling of views underlying this request, the following is, I believe, a solution for now that hasn’t been mentioned yet in this thread and will help in at least some use cases.

Hope that helps some who look in this thread, until/if something better comes along.



Can we have an explanation on how to create different groupings in the list and board sections? You seem to be saying that it can be done, but I dont see how.
Please explain.
Thank you

Welcome, @Liora_Waxman,

Did you check out my linked post? It explains how in list view you sort by a custom field and toggle off sort within sections; there are screenshots. You can save those settings for that view with the “…” menu and Save layout as default.

Hope that helps,


@lpb Thanks for the blog post.

This is a good half-way solution but ultimately the other comments above are still accurate. You should be able to remove the sub-sorting by sections when sorting by another field (this doesn’t appear possible today) and the sections should become another optional column in the list view to display or not.

I’m new to Asana and frankly am surprised by it’s lack of flexibility compared to other solutions out there.

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And ideally there should be two options in list view - Grouping and Sorting. To me Grouping means you end up with collapsible headers and is the first or highest layer of list organization (multiple layers of grouping would be great too but one thing at a time) and Sorting is the order of the data within each group typically based on a single column or value other than what is being grouped by.

Ditto for us also … struggling to get my organisation out of MS Planner which is super flexible allowing columns in board view to be arranged half a dozen different ways at the click of a mouse.

It is not just about having list and board views grouped differently - but being able to rearrange board on an adhoc basis, even on just a few standard fields.

Looks like it would be very easy to implement Asana, and would be widely valued.



You can always create two projects with different sectioning, and then mirror them using rules (when task added to this project, add to the other; and the same rule in the other project). Having custom fields that sync with the section headers via rules, tasks are always in the right section no matter which project you are in.

Are there any updates to this? I’m going to cancel our subscription because of this.


Is this functionality something that is likely to be implemented by Asana? It’s incredibly important for our agency; at the moment we’re having to use Asana in conjunction with Trello, which isn’t ideal.

Hello all,
currently, tasks in the board view are grouped only by the section they belong to. The columns are then named according to the name of the section.
For my way of working and certainly for the way of other users it would be great to have more options and to be able to choose the condition for the grouping.

I couldn’t find anything in the english as well as in the german forum. If there is something, please comment.

Here is an example:
I have a project for media planning. For the way I work in the list view, the best way is to divide it according to the different print and online media in which ads are placed. Therefore, I create sections with the names of these media. Each ad or online placement is a task.
Each task can be assigned a status via a custom field (order placed, file sent, invoice released …).
In the board view, it would now be great if I could freely decide whether the grouping is done based on the sections or the custom field “Status”.

Many greetings, Julia

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Hey @Julia_Mueller,

as far as I understood your request it seems that you want to be able to have different filters and also save them to be able to quickly see the different filtered views for example on board view.
If that‘s the case then I think we can merge your request into this existing feedback request thread.

That would indeed be a helpful feature, but not what I mean. I’ll try to explain it another way: If a task is placed in a section, then it is also placed in that section column in the board view. A different grouping is not possible.

With the current functions, only the tasks within the section columns can be filtered or sorted, but not the columns themselves can be changed.

Again an example: I have sections A, B, and C and a custom field “Status” with the entries Idea, In Progress, Completed. Currently the tasks are only grouped by A, B, and C in columns. However, I would like to be able to freely switch to the columns Idea, In Progress, Completed.


You can’t have the Board columns be based on a custom field just yet, they will match sections in List view.

I know that the board view currently works like this. Therefore my suggestion to think about an improvement. Other tools like Zenkit or Notion offer this for a long time and I find it very helpful.

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A solution for your need, I believe, is possible now in Asana, if you think about it in the opposite manner (sections will be the columns in board view, but you can alter List view to not show in section/column order). I present that solution here:

@Andrea_Mayer, is this a duplicate of another #forum-en:product-feedback request you recently pointed another poster to?



Hey @lpb, oh yes right this one:

Thanks, @Andrea_Mayer, I’ve merged this thread into the existing one.

Existing votes will transfer.


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what is the latest here?

Hello there and thank you so much for all the feedback you shared on this topic!

Please check out this announcement Project views can now be used to manage different aspects of your projects! which I believe will solve for most use cases shared on this thread :slight_smile: Looking forward to hear what you think!

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