Allow to choose which attachement is displayed in Board thumbnails

By default when adding an image to a card, it uses the last image I uploaded. It would be great if I could set that in the drop down, or if the image I pin to the top gets set as the image that shows.


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Hi @Grant_Kiely and thanks for sharing your feedback with us! I’ve slightly edited the title of your thread to make it more discoverable to other users, hope thats ok :slight_smile:

I am confused, isn’t it already available with the “choose cover image” menu?



OMG how did I miss this? :see_no_evil: Thanks for the tips @Bastien_Siebman!


I did too! :see_no_evil: :frowning_face:

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Wow never knew it was there!

If possible it would be great to be able to set this inside the ticket, as that’s generally when I’ve just added a new image.
Setting it from outside the ticket is outside of the flow imho and can also be confusing with the same image name.