Allow to automatically add subtasks to project

Please add this functionality. It’s really painful not to understand, to which project a subtask is referring to when looking in “My Tasks”

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Seems like this has been consistently requested for 5 years. Can we please get this added? It’s a big pain point for our team.

We work with a lot of clients, and each client has their own project. Our team members often work on multiple projects at once, so when viewing “My Tasks,” a lot of the tasks are uncategorized because they don’t list underneath any of the projects, which means the team member can’t see it’s significance. In particular they will filter by project, then it lines them all up very nicely, except for all of the subtasks.

What can we do to get this completed and satisfy the community?


Joining this thread is the only thing you can do in my opinion. Depending on your account size, you can also go through your Account Executive.

Currently using Asana to task manage projects and manage our documentation, and using some integrations for client facing project planning.

For daily/monthly/weekly workload for our design teams we’re using toggl plan. Simple enough UI and serves our needs but i’d love to get all our views into one platform.

Can you break this down for me? — I’m unlikely to go down the road of custom automations but have read that you can assign subtask to a project — which i’ve tried.

However this seems to duplicate my tasks into my Asana tasks (i.e my project board is just a mess after doing this)— is there any resources or other forums you can point to that might help me understand whats going on here?

The subtask would appear both as a subtask and a task in the project. Usually subtasks are “multi-homed” into the project and placed In a section at the bottom of the project. You can read my post 📘 The tale of Jerod the unwise in the subtask maze to learn everything about subtasks.

Still looking for this feature.

Subtasks being added to the project autmatically would make my life alot easier…

Sorry, I just cannot believe this basic feature is still missing :frowning: We use Asana as a team and my stakeholders cannot see the projects attached to the subtasks into their “MyTask” view which I find really upsetting… :frowning:

Is there a reason that subtasks are not assigned to the same project as the parent task? Not having this done automatically seems illogical and creates some issues. The most glaring issue is that subtasks, along with their dependencies, do not show up in the timeline view.

If there is a reason for not having subtask project automatically assigned to the parent task project, can you share?

I’m new to Asana and this jumped out at me as a shortcoming. The alternative I see is to not use subtasks and to just create many tasks without organizing them into subtasks. Or adding the project to each subtask. But I would like to know if this creates any issues.


Yeah - the Asana architecture is designed to make any task belonging to a project a top level task, I.e., not a sub task. Subtasks belong to tasks that belong to projects. Assign a sub task to a project and it’ll appear as a top level task as well.

It’s pretty frustrating, but also seems to be a core element of the program structure, so idk if we’re going to see any movement on this issue.

Some people have created a section in their project called ‘subtasks’, assign all subtasks to the project, then drop in them in that collapsed section. It’s not a fix, but at least those tasks will show up grouped by project in ‘my tasks’.


Hello @Seth_Fenster, welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:

As @as_an_android explained this is how it is currently set up.

Here is an existing feedback request thread to upvote: Allow to automatically add subtasks to project

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Well said @as_an_android :heart:

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I’m on the free version currently (waiting for my company to adopt it formally). You used to be able to add a subtask to a second project directly from the subtask, but that option disappeared two weeks ago! Anyone else struggling with this?

Welcome, @Lizzie_Martinez,

If you have the subtask showing in the task detail pane, you can type Tab+P to add to project, or choose that menu item from the overflow “. . .” menu.

Hope that helps,


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Do you know if there is a way to make this happen automatically? Currently when I create a subtask and then add it to the project, it automatically creates a top level task in the first section of the project, however I would prefer to have that section right at the bottom, but I’m not sure if it can be set up to do that.

Kind of - you could create a ‘subtasks’ custom field, toggle that option to ‘yes’ for subtasks, then create a rule with:

  • ‘task added to project’:
  • ‘subtask custom field = yes’ & actions
  • move task to section ‘subtasks’

This still requires 2 steps, i.e., change subtask custom field + add to project, but at least those clicks are in the same pane.

A complete solutions is probably possible using Zapier/make & the API, but that involves 3rd party services and would take some time to map out.

Hope this helps!

HI Team!
Echoing that this is an essential feature that is missing ESPECIALY for non tech companies. We often will have multiple contributors taking support sub tasks (Design review, send to printer etc.) and need to be able to add these subtasks to separate team tracker projects The reason why we need to have this function is for workload reporting. No project in the subtask, no way to add it to the portfolio workload tracker.

It is WILD that this has been a known issue for 5 years.

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This is actually getting a little infuriating. Fine if you don’t want this feature added in automatically, but either make it a choice in settings, or at the very least allow a custom Workflown make this available.

I was very excited with the release of Workflows, but they’re so limited currently and they allow for barely any customization.

I can create a Workflow to create a subtask (action) when a task is added to the project (trigger), but the subtask still won’t be associated with the project.

Asana, just give your users some options here. Of all of the features requested on this platform, this has got to be the one most desired and for the longest time, and it’s not a difficult one to do either.

Do you know of anyone who has used Zapier to effectively manage this? If so, how did they do it?

The Asana Workflows don’t any any advanced functionality to be able to handle anything custom