Allow to automatically add subtasks to project

We (partners) are actively trying to understand what is Asana’s position on the topic: is it something they think needs “fixing” or is it just the way it was designed? No answer so far, might have some soon, not sure what I’ll be able to share though… Hang in there!


Why is that the subtasks related to a task are not also automatically assigned to the project? How do you fix this? It’s very confusing when I look at my list of tasks and cannot see what project the subtasks belong too.

Hi @Marta_K and welcome to the forum!

This is heavily-discussed question here in the forum. You can see the discussion, and can add your vote for this feature, here:

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I’m really fairly baffled this thread has been going on since 2017 and it doesnt fill me with confidence as a new user that my concerns are going to be addressed, but for what its worth, here’s my thinking on this topic. I just think this doesnt add up and needs to be addressed. Here’s why:

a) Tasks cannot be assigned to multiple people, only ever one, therefore we’re told if a task has multiple actors associated to it then subtasks should be created for each person

b) However, subtasks are not by default assigned to a project, and do not therefore appear in any filtered view. This means that if I’m a person looking for my tasks and I filter for things assigned to me, I wont see them and wont know I have a role to play in that shared task … not helpful and means the proposed Asana solution to part a doesnt hold water.

c) If we want to work around this we have an option to manually assign the subtasks to the project and then voila, they will work in filters but i) this is not practical to think everyone will remember to assign subtasks to projects manually each time and ii) even if they did, assigning them like this makes them appear twice in the project view - once nested under the original task, and once as a standalone task line - which is cluttered and confusing.

To me this whole set of interconnected behaviours renders the whole thing unworkable and needs to be revisited. As it stands effectively any shared task is not, in my view, supported by the current functionality.

I dont understand the holdup. The solution was proposed a long time ago that subtasks should be automatically assigned to any and all projects of the parent task. Why cant this just be implemented as it would solve all the above I believe, subject to some handling to avoid the double counting issue I described?



Trust me, Asana had the “solution” for a long time, but maybe they just don’t consider it a solution because it might not even be a problem for most people. Yes hundreds of people would want it, but at the same time hundreds or thousands wouldn’t. And there are potentially technical issues as well, so in my case I’ll trust the process and the product team to make the right decision and introduce the feature when they feel confident they have the “solution” to " problem" they want to fix :slight_smile:

For all its failings, that’s one thing I like about how ClickUo built their architecture. They added the ability to toggle features on and off so users can have it the way that works best for them.

Asana’s done this in the past, via they’re “hacks” menu. It’d be great if they’d consider doing that again.

Sorry but I’m not buying that. The threads on this topic seem fairly united in feeling this is a shortcoming. I’ve not seen anyone really saying they wouldnt want this or that doing it would break something else they’re doing.

If they have a rationale for why they wont do this why cant we hear that? If there’s a good argument then fine, even a technical one, but all I’ve got is silence on the topic. Meanwhile I’ve just had another person in our company comment on the fact subtasks are fairly useless if its impossible to see the fact you’ve been assigned one from the project view, and they dont appear in a project timeline view.

Can someone from Asana please provide some actual steer on why this has been disregarded?

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Just posting to support the subtask issue that others have raised.

I work for a creative firm and am currently using different system to manage projects and workload as Asana doesn’t show subtasks in workload view. I want to use Asana to manage planning and workload management but at this point i’m not confident i’ll be able to move to a single solution.

Question for the partners — are you saying that you recommend creating a new project as a portfolio and have the key activities broken up into projects to avoid using sub-tasks?

Feels like overkill for my context but i’m open to suggestions!


I think the issue is not weather this is a bug or a design problem. My guess is that it could be easily implemented with an on/off setting to allow it to work either way.

The real issue is that Asana is not responsive to the needs of customer who use the product. If you read this thread a lot of customer need is evident, but nothing is being done to help us.

The top management at Asana might consider re-assigning the person who is responsible for not addressing this issue.

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Hey Kyle- we’re in the same boat. Which system are you using to manage projects and workload? We’re investigating alternative options since Asana seems pretty determined in their current thinking and inaction.

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We agree, Bob.

We’ve been Asana customers and users since 2012 and it’s so discouraging that they no longer listen to the needs and use behaviors of their cstomers.


My recommendation for desired behavior would be to create an option in the settings where org admins can choose between their desired effect:

  • Subtasks are automatically assigned to any and all projects that their parent is assigned to.
  • Automatic assignment of a subtask to its parent’s project only occurs if the parent is assigned to one and only one project .
  • Subtasks do not inherit parent’s project

My current workaround relies on custom automation that either multi-homes subtasks into the same project, or multi-home them in a separate project. We are also hoping it gets “resolved” soon, as it creates a lot of confusion even if it was designed this way.

Please add this functionality. It’s really painful not to understand, to which project a subtask is referring to when looking in “My Tasks”

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Seems like this has been consistently requested for 5 years. Can we please get this added? It’s a big pain point for our team.

We work with a lot of clients, and each client has their own project. Our team members often work on multiple projects at once, so when viewing “My Tasks,” a lot of the tasks are uncategorized because they don’t list underneath any of the projects, which means the team member can’t see it’s significance. In particular they will filter by project, then it lines them all up very nicely, except for all of the subtasks.

What can we do to get this completed and satisfy the community?


Joining this thread is the only thing you can do in my opinion. Depending on your account size, you can also go through your Account Executive.

Currently using Asana to task manage projects and manage our documentation, and using some integrations for client facing project planning.

For daily/monthly/weekly workload for our design teams we’re using toggl plan. Simple enough UI and serves our needs but i’d love to get all our views into one platform.

Can you break this down for me? — I’m unlikely to go down the road of custom automations but have read that you can assign subtask to a project — which i’ve tried.

However this seems to duplicate my tasks into my Asana tasks (i.e my project board is just a mess after doing this)— is there any resources or other forums you can point to that might help me understand whats going on here?

The subtask would appear both as a subtask and a task in the project. Usually subtasks are “multi-homed” into the project and placed In a section at the bottom of the project. You can read my post 📘 The tale of Jerod the unwise in the subtask maze to learn everything about subtasks.

Still looking for this feature.