Allow to automatically add subtasks to project

When will this and overall treatment of subtasks to be like main tasks everwhere in Asana be fixed. This is a HUGE issues in effective use of the tool and causes massive frustration with all project teams. Please, please update on when subtrask handling will be evolved.


@Karen_Smart — It’s hard to tell. Asana doesn’t provide a public roadmap like other competitors. They sometimes resolve things in a few weeks while others are still open after 4+ years. They do a decent job at letting us know when they do finally fix something.

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On a regular basis, Asana adds capabilities around subtasks. They have been added to the list view, then the search, then the reporting… I can say without giving details there are other things cooking on the roadmap…

@Skyler the Community knows you are frustrated with subtasks :slight_smile:

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I too have been praying for this for some time. Still hopeful. In the meantime, I am using Zapier across about 50 projects to find new subtasks and add them back to the parent task’s project. It is very cumbersome and not 100% reliable.

A solution may be to add a rule ( ideally for all accounts, not just Business and Enterprise). Subtask added in Project → Set Project and Section

This would solve the “parent tasks could be in multiple projects, so which project is it supposed to be added to” argument. It would be added wherever the rule was in place.

Love you <3


@Bastien_Siebman — It’s primarily the lack of communication and roadmap. Subtasks are second-class citizens in this ecosystem and maybe that’ll change at some point, but it’s just one piece of my frustration. That being said, Asana is not a customer-led company and that’s okay. Customers aren’t always right. There are other options out there and folks are free to explore those to find a better fit.

I do look forward to what Asana introduces in the future though and am glad they have such motivated champions like yourself to keep morale up and police things around here. :raised_hands:


tl;dr FIX THIS


Please fix this design bug now.

The fact that there is no way to automatically add subtasks to the parent project is a very severe defect.

The reason it is a problem for all of us is that it makes all of the subtasks invisible to our boards. If subtasks were automatically included in the project they tasks could be used as epics and subtasks as stories.

The way it is no breaks Asana and makes JIRA a more attractive alternative for scrum or Kanban.


This is not a design bug, this is not the way subtasks were intended to be used :sweat_smile: :grimacing: even though it does feel like a bug, I agree.

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Bug vs Feature is in the eye of the beholder. The utter un-usability of most US States’ unemployment benefits websites is a design feature in the eyes of some legislators, for example.

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Hey, I work for Chessable, a company that works using Asana every day.
We would need to have this feature implemented to help our team members to easily track better which subtasks belong to one project or to another.
I attach a clear example of how much confusion can generate between tasks and subtasks.

In this example, the task Assets (Pub Manager) belongs to a purple project whereas the subtask “Blurb on course page” that belongs to this task doesn’t appear to be part of the same project. Does it mean that subtask doesn’t belong to the same project?

It would be really useful if these subtasks automatically appear to be part of the project.
Thank you,


Yes indeed, technically they don’t belong to the project and what you see is “expected” behavior and a know situation. You can add the subtask to the project, in a dedicated section for example, as a workaround. You can have a look at F2 and F3 on 🔥 Hottest feature requests and their workarounds

Hi @Bastien_Siebman - with the number of feature requests for this (my creative agency included, Haddad & Partners) it would be ideal to see subtasks associated with the project. I understand that was Asana’s original intention but it’s confusing for users (for example: when a team member is looking at their my tasks they see a mix of tasks and subtasks in that list - the tasks have the project listed in the projects column while the subtasks do not list the project it’s a part of so it takes more effort to see where that subtask came from). It’s really not ideal to have to do a workaround for this. Our development team at the agency is in the process of migrating from MS Planner (and BugHerd) to Asana but this has been a pain point for us (and to others clearly). Ideally even being able to have that as a setting (allowing us to opt in to automatically have subtasks associated with their projects) would be really help. Is this being considered at all?

Hi Asana, You’ve done a fine job with the software overall, however I am finding it difficult to get my fellow team members within my organisation to love it, as the confusion around ‘My Tasks and subtasks not appearing within projects that they are already linked to’ keeps rearing its ugly head. Please sort out this crucial part of ones individual management of their assigned tasks & subtasks. This seems to be a long term issue, and it would be great to hear from Asana in terms of at least identifying that its an issue that is being looked at. Thanks, Andy


Is 2022 looking like a good time to have this. Everyone need this. Pls hear out. Anybody in asana software development hearing us ?
Have u guys in asana internal team ever tried to add subtasks to projects urself. I bet u will feel the pain of it.
Even our most bored employees in the team don’t want to do this everytime.