Allow Projects field to show by default for all subtasks

My marketing team collaborates in Asana and often we want to add subtasks to different projects for other teams’ visibility – e.g. a copywriting/copyediting subtask to our Content Team’s request queue, a visual design subtask to our Design Team’s request queue, or a testing subtask to our Marketing Operations Team’s request queue… but currently, we have to click the “More” dots from within each subtask, adding an extra step any time we need a subtask to appear in another project. It would be great if we could toggle orgnization-wide that the Projects field appear in subtasks by default.

Hi @Spencer_Czapiewski voting this up and welcome to the forum.
Technically Asana kind of works that subtasks are a part of tasks and not projects so you kinda have to FORCE them into projects.


@Spencer_Czapiewski also here is an existing feedback request thread, around the ability to show projects on subtasks in the my task view, you might be interested in upvoting.

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There’s probably a better way my team could be organizing, too… but right now, each team has their own project for tracking and assigning requests, so let’s say we have a product launch as the project, then a blog post as a task, and the subtasks for the blog may necessitate one writer on the content team doing the initial draft, another writer to do copyediting, a designer to create an illustration, then someone in product marketing to approve, and someone in marketing ops to review the staged post… Each team likes to have their subtask added to their team’s request queue so they can then see all the new requests that have come in, and resource each task/subtask to whichever team member has bandwidth. if we had the ability for the Projects field to be toggled on in subtasks by default, it would save some clicks! :slight_smile:

Ah I see @Spencer_Czapiewski that makes sense.

Have you thought about the request view changing assignee along a workflow in board view. Each section being write, draft etc then when it moves to that section it changes assignee?