Allow Private Comments

I’d also love this. When I’m reviewing a project I’d like to make personal notes on a task so when I meet with the project manager, I can give feedback. When they can see the comments, it doesn’t allow me to give them context. For now, I keep notes outside of Asana, but it would be much easier if it was just on the task.

Not a solution, but here’s a workaround (in case there’s never a solution!) that I didn’t see mentioned yet in this thread:

In the task’s description, or a pinned comment, include a link (@ reference) to a task that is private enough to keep out of view of the clients, e.g., a task in a private project to which your internal team are members. The benefit is you have a direct link to your private, paired, internal task. The downside is that clients will see “Private link” but you could preface that with “Internal Use Only:” or something.

Again, not a solution to this nice feature request, just a potential workaround.

Possibly my top benefit of

I’d love to see this feature as well. Adding my +1

Agree that would be very helpful, the feature is definitely missing today
@Rick_Dolishny do you like working with

Adding another vote for this feature here. Asana folks, are you listening? This would be a game-changer!

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So very strange how many requests for this feature I have come across, but no movement or response by Asana. This is a killer feature.


I’d love this feature in order to record ideas ahead of a brainstorming meeting without creating first-response bias. Right now I resort to a notepad app, which defeats the purpose of Asana!

I might need to check out unless this feature is added.

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I think it may be XY problem. All we need is somehow do personal note to task. I think the same function can be realized by personal notes to task. May be it will be easier to do for Asana team.

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When commenting on a task, it would be helpful to be able include/exclude specific collaborators from the overall tasks. Currently to do this, we have to remove collaborators, add the note, and then add them back.

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Also here, the ability to create private comments would be great. So that you can communicate internal on active tasks without notifying an external client.


Plus one for this feature! It’d be very handy to make a task visible to someone on a calendar without them being able to see all of the comments prior to it being added to the project.

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I need this feature as well. Could be a game changer for us :pray: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Yes please!

This one would be very useful.

We definitely need this feature! :pray: :pray: :pray:

Tossed a vote in. Excited to bring clients onto Asana to organize our priorities and tasks. Need our engineering team to participate on the same tickets (so we don’t have to have duplicate tasks one for internal communication vs. external client communication) that our clients can see, but allow their comments to be visible to only our organization, not external users. Hoping Asana will see the value here as exposure of clients to Asana should lead to future sales! :wink:

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I’m going to add a vote here with a totally different use-case (not client facing).

I think transparency of priorities is very important. I would love to have a public board so everyone knew what I was working on at all times. The problem is some of my work is sensitive, and some of it is not. The name of the work is never sensitive – people should generally be able to know what I’m doing – but the details often are.

My solution now is to keep all my priorities hidden on a private board, but it would be better if everyone could see the titles, but not the information in the cards.


Have you considered this approach:

It’s not ideal in that, if you have private info for a task you’d have to store it in another task. But otherwise, with this approach, you could make your project public by default and only hide the private info.


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Yeah, this is a much-needed feature. My clients don’t need to see the details in the task, they should only see the name and maybe the task status.