Allow Private Comments


I am a project manager who uses Asana for task management and bug tracking for client projects. My company has the premium version so we utilize the private projects feature for internal tasks. However, for the tasks that we share with the client, it would be very helpful if Asana had the ability to add a private comment that only the assigned person would see. For instance, it would be a comment from me to the developer that the client would not see. I use JIRA for a different client and it has that feature which works great. The ability to edit comments also would be a helpful feature.


We would also love this feature. There are times when we only want a few people working on a project to see a conversation or specific file that’s been uploaded. Being able to set those so only certain people could see them would be terrific.

Right now we have to go outside of Asana and email people directly to do this, which sort of defeats the purpose of the workflow tool in the first place.


We also would love this, one of the big drawbacks compared to JIRA for example. We don’t want to confuse requesters with internal information that only people working on the task need, but in Asana we don’t have the choice to make that information a private comment.


I also need this for my projects, for a similar reason. Sometimes during a call with the PM we discuss, and I would like to write what we talked about in a comment on the task. If it is not private, the followers get a notification, and it sparks unnecessary discussions, because they think it’s something they have to respond to. thanks,


One more vote here. If you are troubleshooting through a task that a client is shared on, but you want to solve the issue internally with just your coworkers before commenting to the client it would be great to be able to do that without having to go outside of Asana. It would be a huge time saver.


Can anyone advise if this has been addressed?


That would be a great feature. We have multiple levels of people on tasks under a project and would love to comment to each without the others getting emails of the comments.


I also would like to know if this feature is available!



I would like to be able to leave a comment only visible to me, or as an alternative to be able to see my follow up task from the parent task, so I can quickly move back and forth.


I’m hugely keen on the idea of leaving comments only visible to me. My coworkers don’t need to see all my throught processes on a task, but it’s a nuisance having to record them elsewhere. It’d also be useful when my coworkers make illogical comments and I need to refute them, but not publicly :wink:


I also LOVE this idea. We are using GrooveHQ for accepting and managing support tickets because it has a private NOTES feature that we can comment on without the client seeing them. We’d like to be able to do this in Asana directly so that we can have all items come to a support project (for example) that we can then assign to the client’s actual project after we review it, keep them in the loop, BUT also want (need) to be able to add internal items that we can post that the client should not have access to.

Asana Team… do you have any feedback on this item? #FingersCrossed


Vote for this feature.

Currently I’d create a follow up task outside a project, which is very inefficient…


Indeed we are also exploring communication with customer and therefore private or internal comments will be useful. Should be complicated to have a second box or a pop-up to confirm the type of publication. Tanks.


Yes, This!!! Comments on tasks that are private to the commenter. A simple method of enabling private comments would be nice as well, perhaps private comment in double asterisk, so that you can embed private things inside of otherwise public comments


I do the same thing within our Client/Internal shared projects. Obviously, not all devs have a clean tone when commenting, and I do not want Clients attempting to assign work directly to my team. I just duplicate the task, pull the project link, then reassign it to the team member and link it to an internal only private board (all within the same team level grouping). It’s a workaround to private comments, but it’s been doing ok for now, just a bit more time and effort on my part. :dragon_face: