Limiting GUESTS from seeing Comments


I’m looking to limit what comments GUESTS can see in Asana tasks.

Is there a way to:

  • restrict guest collaborators/guest assignees from seeing certain comments on a ticket?
  • restrict guest collaborators/guest assignees from seeing certain comments on a ticket’s subtask?

NOTE - we want to allow guests to reply to asana emails (aka, see what we want them to see via tagging them in a comment) but NOT see internal comments on the task that they aren’t tagged in

Are there any capabilities to limit visibility of internal communication in tickets?

Thank you!

I don’t know of a way to do this, unfortunately. Once someone is tagged in a comment on a task, they become a “collaborator” on that task and can see all the comments.

Currently that is not really possible as Megan mentioned.

Here is an existing feedback request thread I recommend upvoting.

You could for example create a separate project. Then in the relevant tasks, where you need a guest user to share some feedback or they need to provide something, add a subtask and only assign that to the guest user and multihome these tasks only to the special project.

And here is a nice overview into guest visibility: Who sees whom, a guide to guest visibility with Batman & Robin


Question - so we use TEAMS as well… wondering if there’s a way to use the Asana+Teams integration to allow internal teams to converse about an asana ticket without causing more work for them to do so…

OR, we also have SLACK - anyone find a good way to use Asana+Slack to allow for internal communication per task w/o making more work for team members?

PM here, trying to get the team members to a) use asana! and b) stop causing email avalanches! :wink: :smiling_face:

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This made me laugh because I am often struggling with this as well especially with new team members.
Now what I do is the following:
When I see that team members send me a random non urgent message via chat that should have been better sent via Asana messaging or Asana task directly I would respond super slow to them on purpose. And whenever the same person sends a message via Asana I respond faster.
This way I have been able to change the habit of some people as it got quite annoying.

I also recommend having focus times where you have chat tools disabled/closed so you don‘t get interrupted all the time.

Now not saying that chat should not be used. Often when specifics have to be discussed there are several messages forth and back and referencing etc so yes chats will be used for that as well and screenshots or a short summary of the action steps will be posted in Asana.

Slack has an integration so you can create tasks for example from there as well, rules can trigger updates to be sent etc.

Teams has one as well.

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