Private and Hidden Tasks/Sections in Public Projects

It’s not possible to create a private task within a public project, because everyone that has access to the project has access to all tasks within the project. You can, of course, always create private tasks within your My Tasks list. Read more about project permissions here.

This would be very helpful in large projects, will creating permissions in a public project a feature in the future?


This would be a very helpful feature! We have various big projects, which need to be public to our team, but some tasks should be followed by certain team members only.


I concur. Our company has adopted broadly and includes many power users. The desire for transparency and ability to create clarity firmwide such as through sharing of goals (including at the senior level) is very desirable but it can be tedious to have to separate the small handful of tasks/items that may be a little sensitive or confidential and park them somewhere else.

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This would be very helpful for my organization.

We use a public project to manage and prioritize tasks for a shared resource. Whenever a task from a private project is assigned to a member of the shared resource, we add it to the public project, so that everyone can see what tasks are being worked on, and in what priority (a field unique to the public project).

It would be very nice if the private tasks remained private, but still showed up in the public project, along with the custom fields for the public project. Due date and assignee would also be visible. The task’s title and details would remain hidden, however, except to those users that were also members of the private project the task is a part of.

Currently the only way to maintain the permissions we want but also give everyone visibility on the workload of the shared resource is to create duplicate tasks for each task assigned to the shared resource. The duplicate tasks are added to the public project, and the details are empty except for a link to the associated task in the private project.

When a member of the shared resource finishes a task, they need to remember to mark the linked task as complete as well. Also, whenever a task’s due date or assignee changes, it needs to be changed in the public task as well (meaning I need to link the public task in the description of the private task as well).

This process is very tedious and also prone to errors. If someone forgets to follow this process, it can lead to sensitive or confidential information getting leaked to those not approved to see it.

This has also been annoying when a task contains both non-confidential and confidential subtasks.

It would be nice if, when adding a task that’s already in a project to another project, you had the option to hide the details and title if one of the projects is private.


Just in case it might help those who were not aware, in a (semi) public task, you can @reference (in the task’s Description) another task that’s housed in a private project. That link will appear as Private Link to those without access to the task/private project. This can provide a solution to some use cases without duplicating any information (other than the @reference itself).



Great workaround! Thanks, that was what I need it

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Still waiting for a solution to this. Seems easy to me and this workaround doesn’t work for everyone.

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More and more often we share our projectboards with our clients for the duration of the project (mostly webdevelopment). Currently we use two projects for this; an internal board to store all important information (passwords etc) for that project and an external board so a client can track progress and provide feedback. It would be great if those boards could be merged, but the sections for internal use could be private. Or am I missing something and is there a better way to accomplish this?


Hi @Levi_NL, thanks for sharing your feedback with us! As it stands, it’s currently not possible to create private sections or tasks in a project where more members have access. We already have a thread on this topic so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with the main thread to centralize feedback. You can also have a look at the workaround shared in this comment!


This would be really handy to help manage meeting agendas. I’d love to combine 1:1 agendas under a singular board, along with our team meeting agenda, with the ability to make sections private.

We’d also be very keen to have this! The work around suggested below just won’t work for us.

I have a content calendar board that 50 people have access to but they only need to see 1 section. They collaborate with me in that section so I leave that section at the top for them, but I’d like to be able to move that section to be in the correct place in the list (for my organization). There should be a way to hide the rest of the sections from those users and only be visible to me.

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This would be a very useful feature!

Thanks for sharing your feedback with us! We already have a thread in the #productfeedback category for this request so I’ve gone ahead and merged this post with Private and Hidden Tasks/Sections in Public Projects to consolidate feedback.

I would like to mention once again that private tasks and sections within a public project would be amazing for us! The workaround does not work for us.


How is this not a thing yet?? So basic and necessary, it has kept us from making Asana customer facing.


Please get this feature in! We are trying to use Asana for Support Requests. We want a public project for all our users but have the ability to create private tasks so folks only have access to their tasks.

What we really need is a way to have two separate permission groups for a “team”
The first group is the overall owners of the team. They have read/write to all tasks and boards.
The second group would be a general group that can create private tasks within the boards. They can only see tasks they create or collaborate with.

This would be awesome for support requests.

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As you can see we need that upgrade ASAP. Why are we still waiting a simple update like this? It has been 4 years that people ask you to do it. #product-feedback #api


This would be extremely helpful and eliminate the workaround of creating multiple projects for 1 larger project . Hope to see this implemented soon! #forum-en:product-feedback