Allow filtering out options when connecting form input to a custom field

In our organization, we’re using some key custom fields that are shared across the whole org.
Then, we have different projects with different intake forms depending on each team needs. Inputs in the forms are often linked to the shared custom fields. Sometimes, not all the fields values are relevant for the specific form.
Imagine you have a field “Country” with possible values “US, UK, DE, JP” and I’m building a form that will only be used in Europe. I want the possibility to only show UK and DE in the form while still using the same field.
This is not currently possible and sometimes creates weird CX where too many options are shown causing confusion.
Same is true with conditional branches. I cannot have a field region with values “NA, EU, JP”, and based on selection only show a set of countries linking the input to a custom field.
We would need a feature to hide some options of a custom field in a form so that selection is easier and more specific for the form


A huge +1 to this; forms in general need to be beefed up, and this is probably my #1 ask

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+1 from me as well, this seems like a fairly standard form feature. The work arounds create unnecessary fields.