Custom Fields in Sections

Hi there, my name is Caroline, I haven’t been Asana for long, and I’m still learning how to use it.

I had a question regarding custom fields : Is it possible to change the viewing options of Custom Fields in order to only display them for some Sections and not all of them ?

Here’s my example : I am working on a film festival and we have different sections for each department such as : Merchandising, Sponsors & Funding, Film Program…ect. One of our sections concerns some short films submitted for a competition we’re organizing. I created a dropdown Custom Field for this section with 4 different options : Received, Reviewed, Selected and Denied. I would want to know if I can apply this custom field only for the Competition section, because it’s irrelevant for other sections like Merchandising and Sponsoring.
Sorry if this is a bit far-fetched ! Thank you !


Hi @Caroline_Audi. Welcome to the Community!

I’m afraid it’s not possible to have different views for different sections, since sections themselves are actually just bold and underlined tasks, rather than distinct areas.

We have a project that contains 9 custom fields, most of which will only be relevant for certain sections, with 2 fields that do apply to all. We’ve made the latter 2 visible and left the others as only visible within individual tasks. We can then use advanced searches to sort them into specific groups by field.

I can certainly see the advantage in being able to make proper standalone sections with different fields. It might be worth suggesting that as Product Feedback


That is a very valid point, Caroline! There are suggestions - depending on how more in depth you want to take this.
First Option would be to just add a N/A option for the custom fields that do not apply and as @Mark_Hudson suggested, make those custom fields not visible in the task panel.
Second Option, create a new project in the board form, and create columns that are Received, Reviewed, Selected and Denied. Add the sections that are relevant to the new project board, give the board a different colour, and then people can change the section on the board itself. This is another work around, that is not a custom field, but it is still reportable and will be visible on the top of your sections - if that makes sense.

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Thank you so much for your answers @Rashad_Issa & @Mark_Hudson !
I changed the visibility of the custom fields that wasn’t needed for all sections like you suggested and i’ll try the board option as well :smiley:


Just another question concerning boards : Is it possible to import tasks from one project to another ? For example, if I’m currently working on a project in List form and a create a new project in Board form, is it possible to import tasks from the first project (list) to the second one (board) ?

It certainly is! First, go into the list project and select the task(s) you want to import. In the task pane, hover over the area above the task’s title, then click the plus sign.

Start typing the title of the board project, then select it from the suggested list. The task(s) will now sit in both projects. If you’re moving tasks by sections, you can click the little drop-down arrow next to the board project’s title and move them to the same section (column) in the board.

If you’re importing them all in one go, you may just have to manually drag the tasks into the right columns in your board project.

Now, the tasks will be synced across both projects, with changes mirrored in both. If you want to break that link, repeat the first process, but instead of adding a project, just remove the list project by clicking the X next to its title.

I hope that all makes sense! Let me know if not. :slight_smile:



I have a follow up question to this discussion.
I created a new project using a template that came with a few custom fields. In the screenshot attached you can see 4 custom fields that I have in one of the tasks. 2 of them are enabled and 2 are disabled.
I really like the option to disable fields for specific tasks - how do I do that for the 2 enabled fields?