Allow custom field to be left blank when connected in a form

When setting a value in a custom field, at the top there’s always the option to leave it blank: " - "
But when a custom field is linked to a question in a form, I am not seeing this option; my users are forced to choose a value. I could add the value “n/a” or “none” but I would really prefer to just let it be blank.

I just tried, the form does say “Choose one” but you don’t have to, if the question is not required. It isn’t enough in your case?

@Bastien_Siebman you’re right, I should have clarified that if you make the field not required on the form, you do not have to choose an option. But it still doesn’t give you the option to actively set it to “-”, although that’s the end result when the task is created from the form. It’s just the inconsistency that nettles me, the custom field in the project vs. the custom field in the form.

Not to mention that my best option here is now to go manually set that field to “not required” in all 100 or so projects where I am using this form :smiling_face_with_tear: :skull:
Anyway, thanks for your help as always!


When you don’t set a connected single-select field in a form submission, you can be assured that it will be unset (aka “cleared” in Asana rule language) when the task is created, which I think is what you’re looking for.

Can this request be closed?