Allow App Deeplinks

Hey :wave:

Currently whenever a link is added to the body of a ticket (Via cmd K or the Link button), it is automatically prefixed with https://.
And when a link is directly pasted into the body it is converted to a link object ignoring anything prior to www. (unless it is http or https) and again prefixing https:// (if http or https aren’t already there)

This is sometimes very helpful.

However this also prevents the use of app DeepLinks.
For example if I would like to link directly into another app like notion I could use notion:// instead of but currently the notion:// scheme is either ignored or prefixed with https.
When ignored the link goes to Notion via a web browser which I find super annoying and when prefixed it just breaks the link requiring a manual adjustment to get it working again.

(This will be applicable to any app that uses deep linking not just Notion)

Would it be possible to add a settings that allows for the preservation of Deeplinks?
Or even better a preference that can automatically use a DeepLink instead of a provided https link for specific domains?


(Using the Desktop app Version 1.15.0 (1.15.0) on MacOS 13.4.1 (22F82))