Allow Additional Emails to be added to existing tasks from Asana Add-on for Gmail

Sales and marketing got the sale but the customer is disappointed with the feature just like me.

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Yes, this is a missed opportunity Asana. Please allow attaching e-mails to an existing task.

Another key piece of functionality for the Gmail integration would be to see and edit subtasks of the tasks you search for and find.

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It’s now June 2022, and this thread four years old. Is this even on the roadmap? This is essential functionality since many people greate “mini projects” (tasks) inside a project. Creating a new task doesn’t make sense in many cases.


It is insanity this is not allowable and it teases you to think it can be done! this very much inhibts the use of Asana as a collaborative PM tool. PLEASE fix it!

I would also like to see this feature and be able to attach an email to an already existing task, especially as it already seems to be connected in gmail. (when I open a searched task, close the mail and reopen it the searched task is instantly visible!!)

BR, Carsten

Could anyone advise if this is on the roadmap or completed - it’s a basic requirement.