Allow Additional Emails to be added to existing tasks from Asana Add-on for Gmail

@Marie and @Emily_Roman Any updates on if this is in the development pipeline? My company uses Gmail and while being able to create a new task from an email is excellent, not being able to add an email as a comment to an existing task is a hindrance. I know all of us gmail users would love this functionality!


Hi @Matt_Dickinson, I don’t have an update on this topic at the moment, but I’ll be sure to bring this up to our team and to post an update here as soon as I have an update on my end.


Thanks @Marie! For reference, I really like the Asana’s integration app within Slack and just wish the Gmail one was similar in functionality.

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Same here! We could really use this feature.

There’s a “Vote” button at the top of these pages that you can click on! :grinning:

I’m so torn between the two products!

ClickUp has FAR more functionality in the free version and the paid versions are about 1/3 as costly plus, as a religiously affiliated non-profit, my organization has minimal funds available to cover these kinds of costs but we excluded from the Asana’s nonprofit discount while ClickUp (which is already less expensive) will offer us 30% off…

BUT Asana has a much cleaner/more fun and appealing UI which, while not a big deal for me personally, makes it easier to get buy-in with my less technically-inclined staff.

Our company just added Asana for our entire North America Commercial teams, and this will be KEY to us getting from managing tasks in the Inbox to managing tasks in Asana.

If I get our team members to “vote” for this enhancement, will it help it be a higher priority?

Hi there! We receive some financial reports automatically via email from Quickbooks and we we would like to add them to specific tasks within Asana that already exist for the client. It seems forwarding from Gmail to the project address, or using the Gmail integration would only allow it to be sent to Asana as a new task, not with the ability to add the attachment to an existing task. Does anyone have an idea or workaround I am not thinking of other than downloading the attachment from email and then uploading directly into the Asana task manually?

Hi @Ashley_DeVore, thanks for reaching out :slight_smile:

At this time, it’s not possible to email to existing tasks in Asana. We do have an existing thread in the #productfeedback requesting this feature.

I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with the existing one to consolidate feedback. I’ll keep you updated in the main thread :slight_smile: