Allow a single task to be assigned to a team/queue of team members in rules

In order to reduce rule maintenance when team members change roles/responsibilities or turnover in small teams, it would be great if we could configure “queues” that notified a group of users when a task is created so that the appropriate owner could grab the task as required.

This is functionality that we have in systems like Salesforce Service Cloud and TeamDynamix. I don’t want to hire someone to be responsible for triaging our requests and I don’t want to have to remember all the places a specific person has been assigned responsibility when vacations/extended sick/departures/promotions occur.

I 100% understand accountability, but when we have three resources that share similar workload and they pick up work as they have capacity it would be great to have a team notified and or see that something needs to be “grabbed” from their my tasks section.

Hi @Tabetha_Kolodzaike,

Would it work to use collaborators for that purpose? Seems like maybe a good fit?

The main point I’m trying to avoid is hardcoding a specific user name into a rule(s) that would be updated as responsibilities change. If I could reference a queue or team then I would only need to maintain which users belong to that queue or team.

Got it, fair point!

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