All Messages within a Portfolio

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The messaging capabilities within portfolios: Will this give owner of portfolio access to all messages going on within projects in that specific portfolio, or only access to messages from people sending messages within a portfolio thread?

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My guess, and I would have to get an Asana confirmation, is that giving access to a portfolio never gives access to its projects. You only see a partial view of the portfolio. So no, for me that wouldn’t give access to projects messages you don’t already have access to.

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Thank you @Bastien_Siebman,

Sounds like a privacy violation in my opinion, but it’s a question I have been asked by the team, so I needed to confirm.

Keep up the great work…

Actually it isn’t since it does not give access to things you shouldn’t see, it is the opposite of a violation in my opinion :thinking:

Just to clarify I don’t work for Asana and provide tips as an independent expert. Does not prevent me from doing great work though :grimacing: but wanted to clarify.

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Sorry @Bastien_Siebman ,

To clarify, I mean, having purview across all messages would be perceived as a violation.

I also follow your work and I have read through the ‘Asana Minds’ you put together. I know your not over at Asana, but thanks for the clarity, I really appreciate it.

Keep up the great work

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