Aggregate timeline views for tags and teams

Integrate a timeline view for tags and teams in the same way projects do. This would be a fantastic way to quickly aggregate and compare tasks in different contexts.

Thanks for sharing your feedback @asherterpstra, I can see how useful this would be! In the meantime, you can search with a specific (or multiple) tags via the search function and visualize all tasks with this tag in a calendar view.

Hope this helps!

Thanks Marie; I generally find the calendar view unusable.

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Also waiting for this. Unfortunatelly I have to switch all tags to Projects to see a timeline :neutral_face:

Hi ! This would be very useful indeed and that’s exactly what we are looking for currently.
@Marie would you have some more info if this feature would be in the roadmap in the future ?
Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Hi @Florian_L_Hermitte :wave:t3:

I don’t have any information on this topic at the moment, but I’ll make sure to keep you posted on this thread as soon as I hear anything on my end!

Hi, is there any update on this feature? The timeline view is very powerful, but it is very limiting not to be able to view searches/reports/tags/teams as timeline.

Is there a way to view specific tags with the timeline instead of just calendar?

I use Instagantt for this type of thing. I loooove Asana but as a coordinator I can see and read the asana info best in instagantt, including tags.

The timeline view isn’t available yet for search, not sure if that is on the roadmap but that would solve your issue.

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Thanks for your feedback! We have a thread on this topic in our #product-feedback category, I’ve merged your post with Aggregate timeline views for tags and teams to consolidate comments :slight_smile:

HI Emily, the last comment here was in 2022. Just wondering if there is currently a way to see multiple teams timelines aggregated together in timeline or calendar view for an executive overview of all teams projects timelines.
We are the 10 department heads of our festival. I have set us up as separate teams and then we each have our projects within our team (department). for example our teams are: Guest services, film programming, labs and masterclasses, events, socials and website and PR. Is there a way to see all teams timelines aggregated together for an executive overview of what all teams are doing each day. We need this overview for the executive director and board to see.