Advanced Searching Custom Date Fields

Hey all, looking for ways to advance search and set parameters for custom date fields. When I look in the drop down for a custom date field to use as a search parameter, I don’t have any luck. Maybe I am missing something, maybe I am not doing something correctly but could it be that the new field type was introduced without search support?

One example would be “Search for all instances [custom date filter] has no value” or “has value older than [x date]”



You’re not missing anything; the new custom date field is not (yet) supported everywhere. Often Asana releases new features without full support and adds the other “surfaces” in due time, but there’s no clear promise of if or when at the moment.

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Hello! Was sad to see this feature is not available. Would be really useful. Thank you!


This will be really useful. I cant believe nothing has been done about this since October last year

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Wait. Hold on. We just manually migrated thousands of text fields into date fields, and now we cant search them?

Is this seriously for real? They built custom date fields without the ability to SEARCH THEM?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?


@Phil_Seeman Can Flowsana do this?

Please ASANA can you please look into this? We need to be able to search by our custom date fields too.

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I created a new topic so we can vote to request this.