Advanced Search results - Project Name is not repeating on every row

I am working on an advanced search and when I download it to Excel, I only see the project name on lines that have an entry in the Section/Column column. All other rows are blank regarding the project name. How can I get this to repeat the project name on every row? We will be running the report for multiple projects and we need each task and sub task associated with the correct project.


Is it possible that you are looking at subtasks? In this case, this is expected behaviour, they don’t belong to the project.

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Hi @Bastien_Siebman
Yes, we are using subtasks. I’ve seen a lot of posts with some frustration on how subtasks are handled. I’m going to join that. Do you know if Asana has plans to fix this for reporting purposes?

The tough question is: is there anything to fix? Or is there intended behaviour and the way it is supposed to work? We know Asana has subtasks visibility on their radar, that’s it.