🔎 Advanced Search in Asana: Examples & Best Practices

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In this video, I’m looking at Advanced Search in Asana and running through some common examples. Have you ever struggled to find what you’re looking for in Asana? This video aims to touch on some common examples of how you can effectively find what you need in your Asana instance and explains how you can save those commonly used searches to refer back to!

Here are additional resources on Advanced Search in Asana that should help you out:

If you have any additional questions or best practices to share on searching in Asana, feel free to share these in the thread below!

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Advanced search is an underrated feature!

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I’m exploring this to get a file of all incomplete tasks and subtasks for multiple projects. I’m finding that the downloaded CSV file is only showing the project name on rows where there is a section title. Is there a way to get the project name to automatically populate on every row? With the gaps, it will cause some errors if we fill in the blanks automatically once it is Excel. Example, one project might end but another starts with a blank row and the previous project name is populated into the blank cell. It would also be good if the sector name repeated on each row as well. The way this downloads is not conducive to us using the data to create our own reports via pivot tables, etc. It is like it is a hybrid of a flat file and a formatted report which is not helpful for what we need.

Hey @Kim_S, thanks for reaching out! I just downloaded a CSV file with the criteria that you mentioned (incomplete subtasks and tasks for a select grouping of projects). Based on your comment, it sounds like you have projects that don’t use any sections and because of this the ‘Project’ title is not populating in the CSV. I can’t seem to reproduce this. Could you please confirm that this is the issue? Otherwise, feel free to share some screenshots - I can potentially link you up with our Support Team if we need to dig into this a bit further.

Hi @Cliona_Dowling Thank you for the quick reply! Here are some snips of what I was trying to describe. I used one of the templates so confidential info is not visible.

Here is a snip of the actual project:

We are using subtasks and as I’m looking at the file, it looks like the project name is not populating on those subtasks.

Here is a snip of the report results:

Without the functionality, our project coordinators are having to download each individual project and format the data so it can all be combined later. This task takes them around an entire day.

Thank you for taking a look at this.

Hi @Kim_S, thanks for the clarity in the screenshots that you sent over. I realised I missed a key information here in that the issue is with subtasks specifically. Unfortunately because subtasks are tied to the parent task they are not directly tied to the project so this is the expected behaviour with the export.

The best workaround currently would be to add subtasks to a project directly by clicking on the three dots on the top right of a task and click ‘Add to projects’.

I hope this does help! You can also share any feedback that you have on this here: Product Feedback - Asana Community Forum.

Hi @Cliona_Dowling
I appreciate the reply. But adding the subtask to the project won’t actually work for us. That being said, I took another look at this and I’m wondering why the project name is not in the same rows as the Parent Task? It is only appearing in the rows that have a section name. Is this normal behavior?

Because a subtask does not belong to the project, so if there is a parent task there usually isn’t a project…

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