Naming Subtasks using CSV Importer

I have subtask son my CSV file in which I am planning on using to create a project template. Is there a way to name the subtasks so that they will import when I use CSV importer? Or do I have to manually name the subtasks after using the CSV importer and the project is created?

Hi @India_Jones, you can certainly import subtasks via the CSV Importer :slight_smile: You’d need to create a new column in your spreadsheet called “subtask of” and fill in the subtask of column with the exact name of the parent task in the corresponding row. The parent task should be located below the current row in the CSV file.

I hope this helps!

Thank you Emily. I’d like to know how to name the subtasks on the CSV file so that it uploads with the name of the subtasks. (e.g. the name of the Parent Task is “Year 2021 Budget” the name of the first subtask is “Team Training Budget,” the second subtask name is "Team Travel Budget, " etc.)

Thanks for getting back to me, @India_Jones!

You can add the subtask name in the Name column and to make sure it is imported as a subtask and not a task, you’d need to add the name of the parent task in the column “subtask of”.

For example, in this screenshot the subtask name is Develop messaging framework and it’s parent task is Create campaign marketing materials.


Hi Emily,

I’ve tried this multiple ways and it never works. I have tried having the subtasks above the parent task, below the parent task, saving the file multiple ways (UTC8, CSV, etc.), and nothing helps. It will not make the subtasks, subtasks of the parent. It adds them to the section and then you have to move each subtask one by one. It’s tedious and time consuming. What am I doing wrong because I’ve followed the directions to the letter and nothing seems to work.

At this point, I would be happy with a way to move the subtasks in a group since each task has 7 subtasks. Thanks!

Hi @Gail_Boos, welcome to the Asana Community Forum! In this case, I recommend you to contact our support team to investigate this further: How to contact our Support Team :email:

When you contact them, it would be very helpful if you can send us a CSV file showing how you are organizing the rows and columns. Please also share the URL of this thread so you don’t need to send all the information again! I hope the issue is solved soon!

@Gail_Boos if you want to PM a copy of your file I will gladly take a look for you. You can remove any sensitive data before sending.

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