task and sub task names specific to projects

Our conventions include starting every task and subtask with the project name - so that we can see it easily on timeline and calendar views, and for ease of reference in messaging. I had hoped templates would enable us to automate this; instead we have to cut and paste the project’s abbreviated name in every single task and subtask - or am I missing something?

Hi @Katie_Getchell

Indeed Asana template won’t rename the tasks…
A solution could be to use Excel to make the modifications and then import the csv file, but I agree that’s not a perfect solution …


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This feature would make a lot of people happy. At the same time, I urge my clients to reconsider: your convention creates a lot of work, and visual clutter :confused: (even if I understand sometimes you can’t work around it)

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Like @Bastien_Siebman said, I also encourage clients not to do this. However, if it’s essential for the way your team works, this can be accomplished using Integromat (or Zapier), a third-party automations tool. I’ve done this for 2 clients who had very specific reasons why it was essential.

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