Advanced Search for tasks without any due date (NoDate)

I tried to set up an Advanced Search for tasks without any due date and was unsuccessful. Asana Support says it is not a current feature. I think with Asana stressing that having a due date and having a task assigned to someone are significant for success that this needs to be added. They already added “NoOne” to the assigned to search, an equally import would be NoDate. Hope this can be incorporated in the future so reports of past due items inadvertently does not exclude task that are pigeon-holed because they have no Due Date


Good idea. When I see clients Asana accounts and they don’t have due dates I’m lack - ah, why would you do that? haha

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Lol @paulminors … I sometimes put non-urgent things (ex. ideas for future forum posts) into Upcoming in My Tasks without due dates, so I can get to them when the time is right and assign due dates accordingly.

@JCarl While the specific search for “No Date” is not available, there are a few ways you can still search for tasks without due dates. Hopefully you’ll find these helpful! Please let me know what you think!

  1. Within a Project
  • Enter a project. In the top right, click on the drop down and select view tasks by due date. You’ll then see a section header titled “No Due Date” where you will see all tasks that don’t have a due date in that project.

2)Using Advanced Search

  • Click advanced search and don’t add any text to the text window. Instead, simply click “incomplete” and search. The results will appear in order of due date and you’ll find all tasks without a due date at the bottom of the list. However, be aware that searching through all tasks in this way will likely overload your Asana. I recommend filtering by Team, for example, so you’ll have a smaller, more manageable set of results.


I still think it should be added to advanced search just like being able to put “No One” in assignee search


Hear you on that one @JCarl.

Have you tried these workaround options? What worked for you and what didn’t?

@alexis thanks for the suggestions in the interim. If you can get your design team to add to advanced search your can use the other advanced fields to narrow it down further. Thanks for your dedication to the community.

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My pleasure!

Thanks, Alexis. I had been putting in a day amount, say 999, to capture my incomplete tasks. Once the number of days was removed, I was able to see all of my incomplete tasks - with or without due dates. The second option you listed is what worked for me. I appreciate your help!


Happy to help! I’m so glad this worked for you. Sometimes it’s the little things that can make the biggest difference :slight_smile:

Hi @Alexis & team,

Is there any way to view assigned subtasks with a due date where the tasks to which they are attached have no due dates or assignee? My advanced search report is only showing tasks due even though I have added the ‘subtask’ filter.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.


@Wanja_Chomba The state of the parent tasks shouldn’t affect the appearance of subtasks in advanced search. Have you tried sorting your advanced search results by due date? When you do this, you’ll see a group of tasks at the bottom of the list that don’t have a a due date.

In this example I’ve done an advanced search for all tasks assigned to me. I sort the results by due date. You can see in the yellow box a task and subtask assigned to me that have no due date.

@alexis As the Due Date issue has raised itself in a number of different posts, represent us well at next weeks meeting on how great it would be to add to Advanced Search “No Due Date” just like assignee has “Nobody”. and while your at it adding “Waiting On” to Advanced Search would be so helpful to making this feature more useful.



The community voice is indeed being represented :slight_smile:


Hi @Alexis,

After significant back & forth with Asana Support, the Due Date/Advanced Search issue was escalated to the Development Team since, per the rep, there seemed to be a potential problem with the search logic. I am awaiting an update.
@James_Carl FYI.


Thanks for the update!

Can we please get an update here, @Wanja_Chomba or @Alexis?

Hi @Nate_Hamilton, I have not received any updates on this topic yet. I just sent another reminder to the Asana team about the same.
@Alexis, by any chance, are you able to assist with getting a response? The case # is 436997.

Thanks a bunch!



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Good morning @Nate_Hamilton, @Alexis,

I received a response back regarding the inquiry above & the bug has been fixed. I will not have a chance to test this for > a week or so due to travel but will follow up with the team in case of any further hurdles.



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Is there any news here? The option to search for tasks w/o due date would benefit our work with asana greatly! thx

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Hi @Arkadi_Jampolski - the bug discussed here was fixed (…hopefully it hasn’t returned). Could you please clarify what you’re seeing and provide screenshots if possible, so we can point you in the right direction?