Searching for tasks with unset due date yields empty result

Hi. I’m trying to look for all tasks with an unset due date (due_on).
I’m using this GET request
The API documentation specifies that one can search for such tasks when providing the due_on parameter with value null. Unfortunately, the response is an empty array. I’ve tried to add other modifiers such as completed=false, but the result stays the same.

Is there anything else I’m missing? Is it a normal behaviour or a bug?

I know you are using the API but this has been requested for Advanced Search for years.

One thing I always talk to my consulting clients is the need for setting dates in the most relevant tasks. Nowadays I have to enter in each project to check tasks with unset due dates.

It would be very helpful if I could get all the tasks in the organization via Advanced Search.

Funny thing is Asana teaches the same fundamental concept but has not added to advanced search. So simple, yet so fundamental results in a pretty significant deficiency

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Hi @Oak,

Sorry to hear you’re having issues. The URL you’re using looks correct to me. When I make the same GET request it works for me: /workspaces/123456789/tasks/search?due_on=null

Perhaps if you share more of your code, we may be able to help troubleshoot more.

I just do in my browser

and I got {“data”:}
but I have hundreds of tasks with no due date in my workspace
What’s wrong?

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This would be very helpful for us as well. Any chance Asana will fix this? It does yield as well for me

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@AndrewWong the request shared by Jeff does not work anymore, and the documentation still says you can use null.