Advance Search-Waiting On


I would like to have Waiting On added to Advanced Search so a search could be conducted on all of my tasks that I am Waiting On somebody and all tasks of mine that somebody is waiting on me. Without this search the feature is limited.

Task Dependencies - the missing piece

This is a great suggestion @JCarl and one I just went over with a customer yesterday who had an intricate system for GTD. They were looking for a way to exclude the items “Waiting on” so that they could only focus on actionable tasks.

I’ll include your notes on the request as well- can you expand on how often you would use this?


As mentioned before I use Advance Search a lot to Keep for management instant reviews. It is very important to me to have an Advanced Search on Waiting On because if the precedent task is way behind schedule it throws everything else off down the line. To the extent that anyone uses the feature Waiting On, I just can’t see trying to search through Team tasks that are Waiting On other Teams tasks/members etc. I know it give you an email notification when the precedent task is completed but without a report how do you really use this feature to identify items that you are waiting on or people you manage are waiting on. This seems like it just has to be added.


Totally hear you on this one, @JCarl. @Kaitie does this echo anything you’ve heard from other customers? This is a learning moment for me, too.


To further complicate the feature request… It would be nice to be able to distinguish between “ready” and “non-ready” dependent tasks (i.e. those whose parents have been completed and those whose parents haven’t), and to add a “NOT” operator to searches. I could replace My Tasks with an Advanced Search that excludes non-ready dependent tasks, which would be a huge decluttifier. (Sure, that’s a word.) But I also might want to go searching for non-ready dependent tasks if I need to check their connections or mass delete them.