Admin's Ability to Merge 2 accounts

To all the admin’s out there,
Any tips on merging 2 accounts for your members?

Here is a usercase:
When we onboard new hires, we invite them to an asana board to complete few things before their day 1. This usually happens to their personal email.

Once they are onboarded on day one and are given their kit and full authentication kit and work email, we shift everything to their work email and allocate a license to them.

As admin, I would like to have the ability to merge the 2 accounts from the console and then revoke the personal guest invitation.

Any thoughts?

Why would you not just reassign to the new org email then deprovision the personal?

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That is what we currently do. Sorry if that was not clear.

I am not the only one issues licences. I wanted the ability to do the merge from the admin console when a user has been invited by personal email, then given the license email. I look at the console and sometimes the personal email has not been revoked. I don’t want to do so in case there are any data loss. So merging from admin console would be my safest bet is my thought, hence the question. Does that make sense?

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