Admin permissions to modify any project / request admin access

Hello there,

the recent changes to the permissions system completely broke our app. We need a user (who already is a superadmin), who can modify (rename) all projects in the workspace.
Is there a programmatic way to request admin access to a project? This would be a workaround, since it does not seem possible to have the permission to edit all projects, but I cannot find any API docs regarding this.

The other “solution” (and apparently what is expected with the permissions change) would be to add the bot-user to ~200 projects manually, which is only possible by the current project owner and therefore has to be coordinated with a bunch of people. I thought Asana was supposed to save us time instead of adding pointless management overhead?

Please fix this or at least give us the possibility to add the “can edit all public projects” permission to a user.


Hi @Alexander_Theimer,

No, I don’t think there’s any way to do that.

What specific change broke it and how? Not refuting your statement, just asking for my own edification.

We built a bot that would go through all numbered projects (starting with e.g. 1337 - My ProjectName), renaming all projects that start with xxxx - Another project that does not yet have a number to the next project number and then add a task in a “metaproject”, that makes the completion status, project members, some custom fields, milestones etc. visible in that metaproject.
This broke a couple of days ago, since then the API reports “403 write_access_failure” on projects that should be renamed but where the bot was not explicitly added as “can edit”.

Hi @Alexander_Theimer , I’m looking into how / why the permissions change might have affected your application. I think the change is that by default, a user added to a project will have less permission than they had in the past (specifically, they’ll be able to add / edit content in the project, but not change the project’s settings).

In the meantime, we have a concept of service accounts which can access any project in Asana (including private ones). They allow for a lot of access and are only available to Asana customers in the Enterprise tier, but it could be a temporary solution until more robust permission management is available in the API.

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Relevant to this topic is this new post from John:

Yes I agree! I used to be able to delete projects and edit the details, helped staff move projects between teams a needed now it seems my hands are tied. I have to request to be a project admin to edit any project details or delete a project. It doesn’t make sense in your role as Organization Administrator to have to request for access.


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Our entire organization is suffering due to the change in limiting the ability to modify a project to those who are given those permissions by the project owner. In many cases, we are needing to rekindle an old project that was owned by someone who doesn’t work here anymore and isn’t an Asana member anymore. We need a way for at least one designated person to be able to make permission modifications / ownership roles. Help please.


Hi @Craig_Peterson,

You’ve posted in the section for API/development topics. Are you wanting to make changes via the Asana API (i.e. via programming)? If not, no worries, I’ll move your post to the appropriate section.