Additional and customizable Asana celebrations

The need to appear everytime! Pretty please =D
At least make it configurable in hacks please. I need this happy boost. In bigger tasks I switch forth and back and forth until a celebration happens … otherwise this would be sad.


Hello all, I love the celebrations and agree that I’d like to have more of them - maybe every time. At least more of them. I turned on my “Extra Delight” hack and honestly can’t tell a difference - haven’t noticed an increase in delight…

I did discover that the “spooky” background has bats that fly around your screen, which makes me happy. More items like that would certainly add extra delight.



Some thoughts on my experience with Extra Delight hack:
The only change I saw was a brief rainbow overlay on the subtask. This would not be a bad thing if the display was not so unpolished and blocky, not smooth.
I used this setting for about 2 weeks, and since I did not notice anything else, I disabled it. It was not causing problems, but also not really doing anything fun.
I am using Brave browser (1.9.72) on Mac10.15.4 and Win10 pro, with all cookies and scripts allowed, hardware encoding enabled.

Oh please yes. Upvote on that.

I NEED MORE UNICORNS AND YAKS :blush: Need to get my daily fix plz :unicorn::pray:t3:

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I think I am the type of user you had in mind when you made it random. However, I feel like the Extra Delights are more frequent than they used to be, and I do like that! Personally I like the frequent but not always. Because that keeps me more motivated. If it’s always then where’s the hopeful expectation? It just becomes…oh, there goes another unicorn. But that might just be me. However, this feature–whether always or random–makes Asana great. Without it, Asana would be cold and meaningless.

I turned on the Extra Delight because I need more magic in my life. The changes I’ve noticed are the thumbs up animation (which is awesome) and the rainbow line on the subtasks. Our team has been getting slammed with projects lately so it’d be nice if Asana recognized that and did something to cheer you up a little bit.

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I love the celebration concept, but the rainbow and unicorn feels a bit stale. These icons are cute, but they are ubiquitous and becoming a bit cliché. Can we vote on some seasonal imagery, something a bit more inclusive perhaps?

On the other hand I would LOVE to be able to fix my creature! <3 <3 <3 the jetpack narwhal.

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I tested a bunch of different project management apps and I wanna say that the narwhal/unicorn/phoenix/seal/rainbows didn’t affect my decision to subscribe to Asana, but it 100% sealed the deal. Couldn’t turn my back on the unicorn. What if it was the last one?

Can we have Huskies as well as tabby cats?

I may be late to the conversation but I’d like to weigh in on the delight settings.
I find it odd that you offer “more delight” but not “no delight”. I’m all for celebrations but in due time… Can I set it to never show celebrations?
That would be great.
Also, the popups that delay your agility to check off the next item… not helpful. cleaning up lists are slowed by this feature. Can I shut it off as well?

LOVE the celebrations! Their presence has actually enabled me to convince other coworkers to transition to Asana, as they’ve never had congratulations shoot across their screen in a glittery, rainbow spectacle before.

Opportunities for leveling up:

  • Allow users to toggle the frequency of celebrations. Sometimes, we want ALL the narwhals, and other times we want simplicity.
  • Similar to a mascot, having the ability to create a celebration creature that represents me and my page would be such a draw!

Just a thought :slight_smile: I love your product, keep up the great work!

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This is an awesome idea! I adore the celebrations and would love to have more of them!

I’m not getting the hacks using the Mac app - sad times!!

The narwhal unicorn/ phoenix/ cuddly blue monster are literally the best things ever. They really brighten up my day. I also love Asana’s colorful gradient buttons etc. These things just make Asana one million percent better than other project management tools. Whenever someone asks for project management tools, I always tell them about Asana’s celebrations and they are instantly sold! It would be great to have even more of them, e.g. more creatures, or one every time you do a ask. They are just great.

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I love the celebratory animations too. I agree and wish that something every time would be awesome. Why not add an option to select frequency (perhaps by percentage…). For me it is like checking off a physical, traditional TODO list item. I hope this is available at all levels because even us lowly solopreneurs deserve kudos.

I’ve been a fan of these celebrations for forever, and our team actually just used them as an example of a fun feature that makes the software more “sticky” as we were brainstorming what we could do in our own app.

Can I officially +1 the idea of adding custom celebrations, or if nothing else: could y’all please add some type of owl? My team would lose their minds if there was an owl. :joy:

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Having owl celebrations would totally make my day as well ! :heart_eyes:

My whole team loves the celebrations! I have never seen grown adults get so excited for stickers :laughing :laughing: Custom celebrations would be great for those of us that have mascots, but in general please never get rid of the celebrations!!

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