Additional and customizable Asana celebrations

Thanks for your kind words @Dale_Morgan, I’ll make sure to pass them onto our Design team :slight_smile: we already have a thread on this topic, so I’ve merged your post with the existing thread to gather all ideas on this topic in one place, hope you don’t mind :slight_smile:

Love unicorns and I want more fun, like rainbow, confetti… :star_struck:

We love the celebrations as well. An extension package would be so cool though, to add more wow and surprising factors.

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I was showing a colleague who is new to the tool what happens when you complete a task, but didn’t get the narwhal or unicorn. What am I doing wrong?

This is by far my favorite feature of Asana (besides all the features that improve productivity and communication). Please keep it forever.


Related: (Disclaimer: I created this–believe it or not)


May you please make another switch in the Hacks section for having a celebration everytime when toggling a task done? Pretty please =D
Because atm I am toggling the task done and undone forth and back until I get one. I really need them for cheering up motivation.

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Don’t love all of the “likes thumbs” hack. Too much. Thanks!

We would like to see the option for enabling celebrations at every check-off. We love them and frankly, it’s the only thing that keeps me doing my job. It is a huge bummer to check off a major component and get…nothing. WE loved the chariot of the gods accompanied by all the celebration beasts, but don’t seem to see that anymore. Please, more celebration, particularly in this time of working remotely and all the other sadness and disappointment. This is one way that Asana could really give back to the legions of disconnected workers!


Hi Asana friends, I cannot second this comment enough. In this new world of intense uncertainty and sadness, these mythical friends are all that keep me going at work. Please help us out and keep as motivated as possible. :partying_face: :unicorn: :rainbow: :sparkles:


Hello, wow, so great to see I am not alone on the celebrations on every completion. However I give you another use case :wink:
I am currently organising my Kids distance Learning daily planning on Asana, its such a great family experience. The kids (6 and 8yrs old) are now completing their tasks themselves and getting so excited for the celebration . Definately we should get a “celebrations always” button . I am voting for this feature, where do I sign !! :wink:


Hi Mauro! I love that you have your kids on here too, what a great idea! Now that you mention this, I have a 7 year old daughter I think might be interested in Asana.

So far as I know this is the official place to register suggestions and vote for them. So I guess get your Asana friends and kids to make some noise here on this thread too. If Asana sees enough support for it, they put it into their work queue.

The need to appear everytime! Pretty please =D
At least make it configurable in hacks please. I need this happy boost. In bigger tasks I switch forth and back and forth until a celebration happens … otherwise this would be sad.


Hello all, I love the celebrations and agree that I’d like to have more of them - maybe every time. At least more of them. I turned on my “Extra Delight” hack and honestly can’t tell a difference - haven’t noticed an increase in delight…

I did discover that the “spooky” background has bats that fly around your screen, which makes me happy. More items like that would certainly add extra delight.



Some thoughts on my experience with Extra Delight hack:
The only change I saw was a brief rainbow overlay on the subtask. This would not be a bad thing if the display was not so unpolished and blocky, not smooth.
I used this setting for about 2 weeks, and since I did not notice anything else, I disabled it. It was not causing problems, but also not really doing anything fun.
I am using Brave browser (1.9.72) on Mac10.15.4 and Win10 pro, with all cookies and scripts allowed, hardware encoding enabled.

Oh please yes. Upvote on that.

I NEED MORE UNICORNS AND YAKS :blush: Need to get my daily fix plz :unicorn::pray:t3:

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I think I am the type of user you had in mind when you made it random. However, I feel like the Extra Delights are more frequent than they used to be, and I do like that! Personally I like the frequent but not always. Because that keeps me more motivated. If it’s always then where’s the hopeful expectation? It just becomes…oh, there goes another unicorn. But that might just be me. However, this feature–whether always or random–makes Asana great. Without it, Asana would be cold and meaningless.

I turned on the Extra Delight because I need more magic in my life. The changes I’ve noticed are the thumbs up animation (which is awesome) and the rainbow line on the subtasks. Our team has been getting slammed with projects lately so it’d be nice if Asana recognized that and did something to cheer you up a little bit.

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I love the celebration concept, but the rainbow and unicorn feels a bit stale. These icons are cute, but they are ubiquitous and becoming a bit cliché. Can we vote on some seasonal imagery, something a bit more inclusive perhaps?