Adding yourself to multiple workspaces



Hi one and all,

A Q from a customer of mine, which I’m not having any luck with. Would be great to hear your insights:

I have 2 accounts. One is my work account and the other is an account for a client. I need to see my tasks in the client one on my business one so that I don’t have to keep switching accounts. I have “invited” myself, using the other email address and it says “invited”, but I don’t get an invite.

Thanks in advance!


@Alexis - you’re probably the right one to ask about this:sunglasses:


If you go to your settings then in the “From email” tab you can add new email addresses to the same account, allowing you to only switch organization at the top-right corner. Would that work for you?


Thanks @Bastien_Siebman - I’ll get my client to give it a go and see if that does the trick.