Multiple Profile Angst

I know this surely can NOT be this way but I can’t seem to fix the situation.
I am a member of an organization (ORG1). I created a workspace (Workspace1) for personal/other projects.
I invited people to join my workspace and it seems to be working ok EXCEPT. When I am in the projects or replying to a conversation Asana seems to be grabbing my ORG1 profile. I went through each of the projects and removed ORG1 User from the projects but it still seems to post replies as that user instead of Workspace1 User. I know this because the avatars are different so I can see if/when this happens.

Since that was not working. I went to the Admin Console to see if I could remove ORG1 User as a member of the Workspace1… but not an option… no 3 dots next to that name. Why can’t I remove the ORG1 User from my personal workspace? It kind of defeats the purpose of having the 2 “silos” if people in Workspace1 keep seeing my ORG1 User (and email identifying the company).

The only thing I can think of that could be causing it is if having 2 browser windows open, 1 for ORG1 and 1 for Workspace1) is messing with things. But I would think it would be mixing the projects and timelines also… but is only impacting which user/profile is responding and/or creating task and projects.

Super frustrated. Need help. Thanks.

Hi @Kevin_Raymond1 and thank for the report.

In order to investigate this issue further, we’ll need our support team to take a look into your account (which I’m unable to do via the Forum). Could you please contact our support team following these steps and provide them with the following info:

  • URL of this thread so you don’t have to re-explain everything from scratch
  • Screenshots of your profile in ORG1 and Workspace1
  • Screenshot of ORG1 profile picked up in Workspace 1

Additionally, can you check if you’re able to reproduce when connecting to your account using a private/incognito window?

So sorry for not being able to resolve this issue directly via the Forum! Don’t hesitate to reach out again if you’ve other questions; most of the time we’ll be able to resolve them and if not will be able to redirect you to the best person to help!