Adding the Asana Project to Teams Channel Tab

Hi all, I am onboarding my organization to Asana and they have asked for Teams integration. I have added the chat bot to the channel, but when linking the project via website it asks for the user to log in, and when you log in, goes back to the sign in screen again on an infinite loop. Anyone else run into this issue?

I am having this problem too. Did you manage to find a solution?

Jumping in here to say I’ve the same problem. Waiting on a response from Asana. I saw a response somewhere on the forum that this functionality is broken in “New” Teams right now, so reverting to old Teams may be the answer for right now.

Same issue…any update on this? Is it the new teams that breaks this?
I tested on new teams and it doesn’t work…on classic it does.

Any update on this? I’m also having trouble connecting. It says I need a Microsoft admin to approve the connection, but it’s already approved.

I’m also trying to figure out how/where to add an Asana form in Teams because the “create a task” option doesn’t offer the same level of detail I need when employees request things from me.

I originally set up a power automate to create an Asana task when someone creates a new request, but I couldn’t figure out how to reverse engineer it to let people know when the status of their request changes.


Hey @Amy_Remark - by my understanding that permission allows Asana to make website tabs for you, so it won’t fix the core issue - that in New teams you get the sign-in loop infinitely.

For reference on using the Asana plug-in to add project tabs.

I hope this helps!

Unfortunately, none of this is working. I really hope they fix this issue ASAP, as it’s cramping my workflow.

Can’t add a project. And I can’t use the website option because of the infinite sign-in loop.